Upgrades for the BMW 330e

We are proud to offer a variety of performance upgrades for the BMW 330e, taking this already impressive hybrid sedan to the next level. One of our recent projects involved a full upgrade package for the 330e, including a number of enhancements to the engine, suspension, exhaust, and exterior styling.

One of the standout features of this particular car is the custom exhaust system, which features a sound engineering valve control module for a truly customizable driving experience. With the option to switch between a standard exhaust note and a more aggressive, sporty sound, drivers can truly make the car their own.

But it's not just about the sound. Under the hood, we've installed a Stage 1 performance upgrade that increases power to 425 horsepower and 700 Nm of torque, making this hybrid sedan truly capable of delivering a thrilling driving experience. The suspension has also been lowered 30mm with Eibach Prokit springs, further improving handling and giving the car a more aggressive stance.

In terms of styling, we've added a Diamond frongrille Shadow line and a Heinz front lip. These upgrades not only enhance the car's sporty appearance, but also improve aerodynamics.

We also offer a variety of additional upgrades such as side-skirts, rear-diffusers, and exhaust tips to further customize the car to the driver's preferences. At Heinz, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with hybrid technology, and this BMW 330e is a prime example of what we can achieve.
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