PPF Wrap Options

High-quality & customizable PPF wraps. The ultimate invisible layer of protection for your vehicle.

Light Coverage

Full Bumper
Full Hood
Headlights optional*

Medium Coverage

Front Bumper
Full Hood
Full Fenders
Mirrors & Headlights

Full Coverage

Full Front & Rear Bumper
Full Hood, Roof & Trunk
All Doors, Pillars, & Panels
Mirrors, Headlights, & Tail Lights

 Paint protection films are typically used on the front end of cars (the most common impact area). If scratched or damaged, most PPF wraps can simply be heated to reflow the material into it original shape – removing the damage.It’s important to note that vinyl wraps and PPF wraps are not the same thing. Vinyl wraps are used to change the visual aesthetic of your car while paint protection films are a thicker and heavier version of a vinyl wrap that is clear and is used to protect the original paint. A PPF wrap is kind of like a large screen protector for your car.

Customizable PPF wrap add-ons

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