Anthony Kumpen: The Long Road Home, starting Saturday on VTM GO

Starting on Saturday, September 16th, you can watch the six-part series "Anthony Kumpen: The Long Road Home" on the streaming platform VTM GO. The series follows Anthony Kumpen in his various activities, from being a racer to a team manager, father, and coach. At the same time, it offers a unique behind-the-scenes look into the world of motorsport.

Since the beginning of this season, Anthony Kumpen has been followed by a camera crew, capturing footage for "The Long Road Home," a series that focuses on the double NASCAR Whelen Euro Series champion. However, it's not just about Kumpen's racing activities; far from it. Due to the various roles he plays, Kumpen is the ideal person to shed light on all aspects of motorsport. He's a driver in the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series, a team manager in Belcar, and a coach/father to his karting son, Henri-Constant.

"While my son and I are at the center of this series, it's actually a glimpse behind the scenes of motorsport," explains Kumpen. "This has never been done in Flanders before. We are a country of soccer players and cyclists, and there have been many documentaries about them. Now, motorsport is finally getting the attention it deserves."

"I thought it was important to put the entire entourage of a driver in the spotlight," Kumpen continues. "Everyone always sees the glamour of the winning driver standing on the top podium, but few know how much support such a driver needs to get there. From the team, the sponsors, and also from their family. Believe me, if Max Verstappen had to do it all alone, he wouldn't become a world champion. That's why I find it so beautiful that in NASCAR, the entire winning team gets to Victory Lane. It's something that receives much less attention in European racing."

"The preparation of a racing driver is also covered," Kumpen continues. "There are still people who wonder how difficult it can be to race a car, although that number has decreased significantly since indoor karting became popular. Anyone who is exhausted after ten minutes of karting can appreciate how physically demanding it is to spend an hour or more behind the wheel of a race car. Last summer, it was sometimes over 60 degrees inside my NASCAR car!"

You can find out how it all unfolds starting Saturday, September 16th, on the streaming platform VTM GO. Six episodes will be produced, with a new one released online each week. The season finale will air shortly after the (hopefully successful) final races of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series and Belcar championship, which will take place in mid-October at Circuit Zolder.

You can already watch the series trailer via this link on the Facebook page of @anthonykumpen:

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